Air Conditioner vs Air Cooler: Which is The Best?

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The air conditioner vs air cooler debate has been one of the hot topics since they both have been the most effective methods of cooling.

Therefore, today we will bring light on this matter.

Both the commodities have been equally effective in their duties. Still, doubt will always be lingering in our minds about which one performs better.

To negate the suspense, we are here with this article. To know the winner of the air conditioner vs air cooler battle, stay tuned. 

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

An air conditioner is designed to cool down the room. It works on HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) mechanism.

It removes the hot air and humidity from the room and moves it somewhere outside.

Air conditioner working

How does it do that? The AC gathers the hot air from your room, and with the help of the condenser coil, it chills the air. 

Then an exhaust hose eliminates the hot air, and the cool air is produced in your living area. In simple language, this is the general working process of the AC.  

The process might seem very easy, but actually, it is not. It has a tough mechanism behind it.

And that is why you need to spend so much of your money when you buy an AC. 

How Does an Air Cooler Work?

The air coolers cool down the hot air of your room. They do it with the help of water or water-soaked pads.

Air cooler working

The air cooler fan pulls the hot air from your room and passes it through the water or water-soaked pads. The hot air evaporates the water and becomes cool.

Thus, you get to experience chilled air.

Difference Between Air Conditioner and Air Cooler

The working process of both of them is totally different from each other.

The AC expels the hot air from the room, whereas, the air coolers add humidity to the hot air of your room and makes it chilled.

Now we know where they differ from each other in their working process. But to see the comparison of their effectiveness, you can follow the details given below.


Price is the first and foremost priority of Indian households.

Be it the comparison of air conditioner vs air cooler, or any other things, we always tend to know the difference of the budget at first.

Therefore, let me tell you, air coolers are cheaper than air conditioners. The air conditioners have a critical working process that makes them costlier.


The air coolers are not only useful in their price, but they also consume fewer maintenance charges.

On the other hand, the air conditioners take up an extended amount of money in servicing their filters, units, and other parts.

Also, you have to consult an expert to do all these jobs. You cannot do it yourself effectively. 

But the air coolers need less maintenance. And the best part is you can do that yourself.

Therefore, in the comparison of AC vs air cooler, in this case, the air coolers are running one step ahead.

Comfort Level

Comfort level is another crucial point to notice because we choose the air conditioners or coolers over ceiling fans to attain some extra comfort.

And if we compare the comfort providing the capacity of both, then nothing can beat the duty of an air conditioner. 

Air conditioners can give you the desired comfort in any weather, be it the dry summer, or humid monsoon.

But the air coolers mainly cool down the air by making it moist.

Therefore, in monsoon, you may get uncomfortable. However, with the humidity control feature, you can get a better experience.

But, that is not even closer to the comfort level of the air conditioners.

Safe For Environment

The result is apparent because it is almost known to everyone that the air conditioners emit harmful gases like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs).

These gases are very toxic to the ozone layer. 

AC Ozone Depletion

The air coolers do not emit any harmful gases because their only working commodity is water.

Therefore, AC causes more harm to the environment.

And if you want eco-friendly equipment to cool down your room, then the air coolers are the best options.

Power Consumption

The air coolers consume only 20% of the electricity that the air conditioners consume. Yes, the air coolers are that energy efficient.

Though some air conditioners in the market come with energy-saving technology, they cannot beat the efficiency that the air coolers provide.

Air Quality

The air coolers generate fresh air into your room. Whereas, the AC circulates the same air in your room. 

Therefore, in terms of air quality, the air coolers give you better results. 


The air conditioners are not meant to be moved at all. They are mounted on the wall to produce air in the whole room.

But you can move the air coolers according to your preferred space. They come with wheels that help you to move the product effortlessly.


The air coolers have no installation process. You place them at your preferable spot and enjoy the air.

Split AC installation

Whereas, the AC needs to go through an expensive installation process. And if you have a split AC, the charges will be more.

Therefore, using an AC is indeed a hazardous account.

Customization According To The Climate

When we are talking about air cooler vs air conditioner, how can we skip this section? We can say that air conditioners give you better customization in terms of controlling the temperature. 

The air coolers produce air by making it humid. Therefore, to make it cooler, you can add more cold water to it. 

Other than that, there is no other option to control its temperature.

But with the air conditioners, you can control the temperature in every climate.

Some air conditioners come with unique the feature to work on monsoon weather as well.

Therefore, you can use them in all weathers. 

Space Consumption

You mount your AC on the wall; therefore, you do not realize the space consumption in the AC. 

But when you use an air cooler, you have to place it on the ground. Hence, in a small room, you cannot use it.

Though you can move them, they will consume the space anyhow.

Therefore, you can say that the AC is better in this matter.

Features Air cooler Air conditioner
Price Low High
Comfort level Low High
Maintenance Low Charges High Charges
Safe for environment High Low
Electricity consumption Low High
Air quality Good Moderate
Portability Yes No
Installation No Installation Hard to install
Customization Not customizable Easily customizable
Space consumption High Low

When To Choose an Air Cooler?

Low Budget

Budget is one of the prior reasons for buying an air cooler. Air coolers come at a very affordable price. 

Therefore, if you are struggling in the hot weather of India, but cannot afford an AC, then the air cooler is an excellent option for you.

Usage in Multiple Spaces

You can easily port the air coolers. Whereas the ACs are not portable.

Therefore, if you want to use it in different spaces at different times, it is the ultimate thing you need.

Dry Weather

If you want to tackle the dry weather, then air coolers are the best option for you. The reason is that the air coolers use water to cool down the air.

Therefore, there is enough moisture in the air.

But an AC makes the air very dry. Thereby if you live in a dry area, you must refer to an air cooler.

When To Use an Air Conditioner?

Inadequate Supply of Fresh Air

An AC would not need the supply of fresh air to produce new air. The AC circulates the same air within your room. 

But, the air coolers need fresh air to work with.

Therefore, if your room is placed in a position where there is an inadequate supply of air, then you can choose an AC. 

Dust Allergies and Asthma

If you are dust allergic, then air coolers are not for you. Air coolers do not have filters in them. 

Whereas the air conditioner comes with several air filters that give you fresh air to breathe. Therefore, if you have asthma or dust allergies, do refer to an AC.

Tall Rooms

Tall rooms are best for air circulation. Therefore, you will get better results in cooling with AC, in comparison to the ceiling fans or air coolers.


We hope that you have no more confusion regarding both types. We have tried to bring a clear-cut discussion about the AC vs Cooler matter.

Now it is all up to you. You have to make the right decision by reading the whole matter carefully.


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