Air Conditioner Gas Leakage – Causes, Danger and Prevention!

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Air conditioner gas leakage is a severe condition. One must not ignore it. The article here discusses the various reasons for air conditioner gas leakage and how dangerous it is. 

Also, it guides you on how to prevent gas leaks.

The Causes of Air Conditioner Gas Leakage

An air conditioner with the issue of gas leaking can be very unsafe. Along with being dangerous, it piles up on your electric bill as well.

Moreover, it damages your machine at the same time.

There can be many reasons behind the gas leakage in an air conditioner. Here are those listed below.

Factory Defects

It can be a defect at the time of assembling the AC that was overlooked. However, later on, when the machine has been bought, it starts to leak.

A Pin-Hole Leak

This leak is one of a kind. It happens due to a naturally formed Formic acid which eats the copper tubing.

However, these leaks generally do not show up immediately.

Pin Hole Leak

As they eat the copper tubing, it leaks the copper tubes. It takes time to find this out.

Also, it comes with an enormous repair bill as well.

Only because of this, the manufacturers have shifted to Aluminum.

Wear & Tear

Regular use for more extended period calls for wear and tear in branded AC s as well. No matter how good quality it is, after a certain point, it will get damaged.

The leakage is one such effect of wear and tear.

Some Connection Issues

Gradually, with time, the connections and joints of the AC unit can get damaged. This might result in gas leakage.


There is metal, especially copper tubes, in the HVAC system. These copper tubes might erode with time.

Eventually, this cracks the walls and leads the gas to escape.

A Poor Installation

This is a very common cause. If your AC is not correctly installed, it leaks gas.

Moreover, if the parts inside are not appropriately assembled, then also gas leaks.

The Signs of Air Conditioner Gas Leakage

Knowing the causes is essential in controlling the gas leakage from an air conditioner. However, before that, it is necessary to pick up the signs of gas leakage.

Here are some of the signs that indicate that there is gas leakage.

Warm Air

If you experience warm air from your AC, then it is a sign that there is gas leakage.

When the gas leaks, it fails to cool the room faster. You get warm air from the AC.

Ice Build-up

Ice build-up on copper coils indicates that there is a gas leak.

The copper tubes or the evaporator coils consume as much heat as possible when the machine leaks gas.

This ice build-up is a result of this.

A Low Air Flow

If you experience a low airflow, it is a sign of gas leakage.

However, it is not easy for an ordinary person to detect it, but if you are using AC for a longer time, you can.

When you find that the AC is producing low air flow, then it might be due to gas leaking.

A Higher Electricity Bill

There is a higher electricity bill when your AC is leaking refrigerant. In such a case, your AC  works much harder to cool the room, thereby consuming more energy.

Now, this results in a higher electricity bill.

Your AC Taking Too Much Time to Cool

If your AC is taking too much time to cool the room, then it is leaking gas. What happens, the refrigerant, absorbs the heat from your room and sends it outside.

However, if the AC is running on low refrigerant, it fails to effectively cool the room.

The Danger It Poses

Gas leakage in AC is not only heavy on your bill or machine but your body as well. Here are some of the dangers that it poses.

technician checking air conditioner gas leakage

Harmful to Humans

This leaked refrigerant is harmful. You can experience headaches or nausea.

Moreover, these CFCs consume heat, and thus a prolonged exposure to them can lead to frostbite.

Note that these are so dangerous that earlier, there were cases of asphyxiation.

Therefore, do not neglect gas leakage. These are very dangerous.

Damages the AC

The gas leakage damages the AC itself. A gas leaked AC consumes 20% more electricity.

Moreover, if you do not fix this issue quickly, it increases the pressure on the compressor.

As a result, the compressor tends to break.

Harmful to Other Lifeforms

It is known that AC uses chlorofluorocarbons as their coolants. However, when they get leaked, they are turned into gas.

Now, this gas gets mixed up in the soil and harms different organisms.

Thus, this gas leakage is hazardous and must not be neglected. 

How To Prevent Air Conditioner Gas Leakage?

Prevention is always better than cure.

Therefore, to prevent an air conditioner leakage, you must service the AC on time. This will prevent any issue with the air conditioner.

A thorough check-up is essential.

However, apart from this, there are other ways as well to prevent such leakages.

Prevent Corrosion (with single metal type)

As you know, metal is used in manufacturing air conditioners. However, the cheaper models come up more than a type of metal.

Thus, when two different types of metal are used, they get rubbed against each other.

As they are moist hence, they corrode.

Therefore, buy an air conditioner that uses only one type of metal; this will prevent corrosion.

However, it will be costly, but not as much as the repair costs.

Thus, it will be a better long-term investment.

Use Copper Coating

Pure copper is also prone to corrosion with outside impact. This type of corrosion depends on the user.

The cosmetics, paint, and other such stuff interact with the metal and damages it.

Therefore, it is better to buy an AC switch with a proper coating. There are two types of coating; however, the recommended one is copper coating.

Final Words!

Thus, you might think of buying a new AC instead of repairing it.

However, do not rush. First, check whether your AC is leaking gas or not. Often due to clogged filters, your AC might not cool efficiently.

Therefore, it is better to always call for a technician and take his suggestion regarding the problem with your unit.

In the end, if you find it is actually a gas leak and is getting heavy on your budget then decide what to do.

You might invest in a new one as well.

Therefore, try to service your AC on time. This will relieve you with half of your AC unit issues, including a gas leakage.


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